Our Year In Cherry Tree Class

This morning we have been reflecting on our year in Cherry Tree Class. We have thought about the activities that we have taken part in, as well as our favourite memories.

Zara – I liked going to the zoo on our school trip. We looked at the meerkats and all of the other animals.

Harley – I enjoyed going to White Post Farm because there were lots of animals.

Ella – I enjoyed going to White Post Farm because we got to see baby chickens.

Freya – I have enjoyed going to see the monkeys and leopards at Twycross zoo.

Oscar – I enjoy taking part in drawing and art activities at school.

Trey – I really enjoyed making collages at the Harley Gallery.

Megan – I have really enjoyed taking part in science week. My favourite experiment was the coke and mentos challenge because it exploded all over the playground.

Charlie – I enjoyed it when we went to White Post Farm because the chipmunks were running around.

Harry – I have really enjoyed doing PE with Mr Scott.

Lara – I have really enjoyed going on school trips, especially to White Post Farm where we got to see a cow being milked.

Lucy – I like to do English in our classroom because we can add illustrations to our work.

Taylor – I have really liked doing phonics and playing real and alien word games.

George – I liked it when we made picture frames with Mr Dougill for Father’s Day.

Shana – I have enjoyed going on school trips and looking out of the window on the way.

What has been your favourite thing about the past year? We would really like to know.

Will it float or will it sink?

Our second experiment was called, will it float or will it sink?

For this experiment you will need;




Firstly we made predictions about whether we thought the orange would float or sink. We talked about differences of oranges having their peel on and off. Sixteen of us thought that the orange with peel would float and sixteen thought that it would sink. Once we had removed the peel nine of us thought that the orange would float compared to twenty three that thought that it would sink.

We tested our theories and found that the orange with the peel on floated and once the peel was removed the orange sank. We thought that the peel was protecting the fruit from sinking and once the peel had been removed the water got inside the fruit, making it heavier.

The Spy Experiment

Today we are taking part in lots of different science experiments. Our first experiment was called the Spy Experiment. If you would like to do this at home you will need;


Lemons (cut in half and squirt the juice into a bowl),



Cotton bud.

First an adult cut up the lemons and squeezed the juice into bowls. After this we needed to add a little bit of water. Then we dipped a cotton bud into the lemon and water. Once the cotton bud was wet we wrote a secret message onto the paper.

When the solution was dry we were able to read our secret messages.


Our perfect school

Today we used our super imaginations to create our perfect school. We thought about what the school would look like, as well as the types of things that we would learn.

Zara – Dancing in the classroom.

Shana – There would be a chocolate fountain.

Harley – There would be a beautiful climbing frame.

Ella – The tyres would be made out of chocolate as white as snow.

Lucas – There are dancing Freddo’s.

Freya – There would be delicious chocolate ginger bread men.

Oscar – There would be an enormous golden football net.

George – In the yard there would be a huge chocolate fountain that it as deep as the sea.

Leo – In the classroom there would be an enormous swimming pool.

Trey – We would learn how to make chocolate in our own chocolate factory.

Megan – We would write all day about Princesses and Queens.

Henri – There will be a swimming pool as big as a dinosaur.

Philip – There would be a Dragon that blasts water.

Natalie – We would have big letters in the playground that can talk.

Harrison – In the playground I would like a swing made from biscuits.

Harry – We could have lollipops all over the classroom.

Charlotte – Our carpet would be made from mints.

Ava – There could be a giant waterfall with beautiful coloured butterflies.

Charlie – In my perfect school there would be a lollipop factory.

Gracie – I would like there to be lollipop trees.

Taylor – The leaves on the trees could be made out of delicious white chocolate.

Melody – In the classroom there would be sweets around the board.

Cole – The whole school would be made out of sweets that we can eat.

Jack – The school field could be a magical forest.

Bobby – There would be a rainbow.

Ryan – On the playground there would be a swimming pool made of gold.

Lucy – The field would have sparkly fountains with butterflies in them.

Lara – On the playground there would be an enormous house made from chocolate with colourful sprinkles.

Ruby – In my perfect school there would be a tree with sparkly fairies fluttering around it.

Max – In the classroom there would be chairs made from chocolate icing.

Our perfect schools sound very delicious. What would be in your perfect school? We would really like to know.

White Post Farm

Today we went on a wonderful adventure to White Post Farm. 

Our soggy day began as we boarded the coach and made the short journey to the farm. We were met by three staff from the farm who talked a little about what we would be doing. Firstly, we were taken on a tractor ride. Whilst on the trailer we saw so many animals. We were told information about each animal, did you know that a cow can produce around 40 litres of milk? 

Once we had experienced the tractor and trailer ride we walked around the outdoor area of the farm and saw lots of other animals. Our guide gave us some food and showed us how to hold our hand flat to feed the lamas. It was very soggy and the lama tongues tickled our hands. 

Then it was time for lunch, the morning had passed so quickly and we were excited talking about what was left to see. After lunch we walked to the small animal centre where we we’re just in time to see baby chicks hatching. We gathered around the incubator and learned all about how to look after small animals like chicks. Once we had seen the chicks and hens we moved into a giant barn. In the barn there were hundreds of animals. Our favourites were the goats and Guinea pigs. 

It was time to move into the milking enclosure. We watched farmer Becca milk and then we touched the bottom of each bowl, the milk was surprisingly warm! 

After this we walked to the reptile centre where we held and stroked an enormous corn snake, we really are very brave.

We’ve had a wonderful day and would like to extend a big thank you to all at White Post Farm for making it so enjoyable. 

Facts about Romania

Today we have been using the Internet to gather information about the country of Romania. Over the last week we have thought of lots of different things that we would like to find out. We are going to put all of our information in a fact file.

Today we found out that Romanian people are elegant; women wear dresses and skirts and men tend to wear casual clothing like blue jeans.

The language spoken is Romanian.

On Christmas and New Years Eves, children and young men go from house to house singing carols. In some religions, they dance with folk masks on their faces too.

One of the most common meals is the mamaliga, a type of polenta. Pork is the main mean used in Romanian cuisine.

Blog The Euros

Today we found out that we have been allocated the country of Romania for our #blogtheeuros blogging challenge. We are really excited and have enjoyed watching clips about the Euros 2016. Here are a few things that we hope to find out over the coming weeks.

Trey – What famous buildings are in Romania?

Zara – Are there big playgrounds in Romanian schools?

Shana – What type of clothes do Romanian people wear?

Ella – What language do people speak?

Freya – What types of food do Romanian people eat?

Harrison – Do Romanian children have a sports coach like us?

Ruby – What types of PE do Romanian children do?

Natalie – Do Romanian children do Karate at their school?

Oscar – ~What colour is a Romanian goal keeper kit?

Bobby – How do you say goodbye in Romanian?

We hope that we will be able to answer all of these questions in the next few weeks. Do you know any of the answers and could you help us?

The Harley Gallery

This morning the children from Cherry Tree Class had an exciting adventure to The Harley Gallery. Our adventure started when we travelled on a coach to the Welbeck Estate just outside of Worksop. We were met by Dayle, she works at the gallery. Dayle showed us lots of interesting art work by Sir Peter Blake and we completed a little art challenge. Dayle told us lots of interesting information about Sir Peter Blake and explained that today we would be improving our art skills by taking part in some exciting activities. 

We followed Dayle to an education centre where we left our belongings in a cloak room. Dayle explained the activities to us and demonstrated our tasks. There were many things for us to explore. First we tried printing and rolling paint using a polystyrene template. Then we were asked to create rubbings using different textures materials and crayons. We also used oil paints in water to create a marbled effect and practised our collage skills using tissue paper. 

We’ve had a wonderful day and thanked Dayle and the team at The Harley Gallery for inviting us.